We changed driver demographic for Rolls-Royce Dawn

The Rolls-Royce Dawn was consistently underperforming against U.S. sales targets, which was attributed largely to an overtly feminine positioning, alienating male customers.

Our solution was a re-designed promotion strategy that re-centred a gender-neutral positioning for Dawn with a new target customer profile. Investment in share of voice was essential to achieve suitable penetration, so we devised a simple but effective targeting formula, based on insight that Rolls-Royce customers typically own four other cars, of which one is a Range Rover. The campaign was deployed by layering household information, credit, IRS and DMV data assembled via Merkle’s pioneering M1 platform.

The outcome from the relaunched campaign strategy was 98 enquiries (25% of the region’s annual prospect target) within 24 hours of go-live, and end of year results were the region’s strongest, representing 35% growth from the previous year.

98 enquiries

25% of the region’s annual target

35% growth YOY