We gave Pace the brand narrative and pitch to win new business

Pace are a business process consultancy, which is both vague and not particularly interesting, by their own admission. Yet the outcome of the work Pace does is fascinating and highly impactful. They are currently reducing wait times in A&E, helping wildlife trusts be more effective with budgets, improving efficiency and worklife balance in particularly stressful industries such as the legal sector…

When introduced, Pace’s CEO was struggling to articulate the proposition as the consulting industry tends to overcomplicate itself with jargon whilst jumping on the latest trend. There is an over reliance on statistics and a tendency to root communication in fear of failure, or always quicker, better, faster efficiency.

We helped Pace derive its new brand positioning and transformed a strapline from Change is Changing to Harnessing Human Autonomy. In a market that looks for increasingly complex technology solutions, seemingly in isolation of workforces, or people, Pace have firmly positioned themselves to focus on the value of the human. Pace’s message is; we understand how humans work and align an organisation’s processes and systems to match. As a result they solve “computer says no” and provide people with the ability to act autonomously within their place of work whilst serving the purpose of the organisaiton.

This message was tested on a tender for a Government organisation, and we’re pleased to report they won the pitch. Robots & Humans continues to support Pace in its marketing communicatins.

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