We developed a brand narrative that bridged Tony Gee’s services and market need

Tony Gee is the design engineering consultancy behind some of the world’s most renowned architectural and infrastructure developments (The HSBC HQ building, London Eye, Mandalay Bay Hotel and The Doha Link, amongst others). The business faced an awareness challenge beyond its existing client network.

We were asked to deliver a new website in response to this challenge, however we discovered that Tony Gee’s communication of its purpose didn’t match its clients challenges. We therefore combined our response with a programme of research and workshops aimed at deriving a core brand message. As a result of our scoping process, we came to a powerful phrase that made the vital link between sustainability, meeting future societal need and the responsibility for delivering high quality design of built environments.

The outcome was a new website but also complete clarity on the challenges preventing efficiency with new business and marketing communications. A new approach to marketing communications has been inspired and a new strategy has ensued.

New core brand message

New website

New approach to marketing communications