Introducing the founders

Just as technology and humans are a yin and yang partnership that works, the founders follow suit.

Lucy has a 20-year career delivering technology and telecommunications projects for public sector organisations and Global corporate business. Ian has a 20-year career that started in rock ‘n’ roll and has proceeded through tech start-ups, agencies and consultancies.

What transpires is an ability to think freely and comprehend the art of the possible, yet ground it in process, structure and project management that makes it a reality; a safe pair of hands that can handle explosives.

The two experiences combined provide clients with some straight talking, that de-risks and maximises the potential of any new foray into technology. If you’re sat there at your desk with a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, or apprehension about a new project, chances are you’d benefit from talking to us.

Between them they’ve delivered over £1bn of projects (gross project value) and influenced the direction of some of the world’s best loved and well-known brands.

Their true skill lies in the ability to transform complexity into simplicity, spot the risks and design strategies and communications that deliver success.

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