We gave ET Works the brand strategy to increase market share

Eurotech Computer Services set a target to double revenue within five years.

We began by renaming the 27-year old business, through a simple rationale of positioning it firmly as a trusted expert, independent to the brands it retailed. Eurotech was shortened to “ET” which also incorporated a recent Norwegian acquisition, Eiker Technologies (ET) and provided new meaning; “Evolutionary Technologies”, which has been a core mission and pursuit from its inception. “Works” was added to the naming to imply a sense of hands-on fettling and highlighted that the business only recommends tried and test solutions that work. From this new positioning we were able to establish a route to target audiences, campaigning, ABM and partner marketing activities, forming an integrated promotion strategy.

ET Works was named as one of seven UK resellers in the CRN “Ones to watch” growth report.

Brand strategy

Creative design

Integrated promotion strategy