You know your business and its challenges. But sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to resolve an issue – or show you the art of the possible.

Our clients are in pursuit of strategic, or tactical advantage, often searching for ‘more power’ in the context of customers’ journeys, or efficiency from operations. Periscope delivers tailored insights, market analysis and operational assessment, to provide clarity on a challenge, or uncover a path to progress:

  • Fixed fee, discreet project
  • No onward commitment
  • Provides tailored, actionable insight
  • Provides clarity on an operational, or strategic challenge
  • Provides a clear line of sight to growth opportunities
  • Provides an introduction to Dangerfield & Fortune’s array of services

Tailor your Periscope package

To specify your Periscope package, book a free call to discuss your needs in more detail using the adjacent form.

Periscope is a fixed fee commission that starts at £10k.

Periscope report (£10k each)

  • Analysis of first party data
  • Operational assessment
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Interviews
  • Report document and executive presentation

Additional data purchase (£5k each)

  • Creative solution & output recommendations