How to gain two hours

What would you do with two hours a day? Spend time as a family? Focus on the future of your business? Exercise? Or help solve the world’s cultural, socioeconomic and environmental pressures?

The impact from advanced technologies could displace an estimated 800 million workers by 2050, but automation could also free up two hours of your time, each working day. From self-service checkouts, internet shopping or banking to mobile transport and traffic updates, technology is already saving us time. And as technology becomes smarter, more time could be released.

That capacity could be used to invest in ourselves, our businesses or in the future.

But 70% of technology and transformation projects fail. We risk missing out on those two hours, when someone somewhere could be building something incredible.

At Robots and Humans, we develop understanding and move cultures closer to technology, because when people are truly invested in change, it is 30% more likely to stick.

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